Ecoliteracy Poem

The Earth
The air we breathe
The sun, the flowers, the latex
Plants and trees and the quatis
Nitrogen in roots and acids in the seeds

I see parrots, I see maritacas
I see Psittacara leucophtalma
Human words need translation
Their call, appreciation

We are part of nature
And so are the Bacteria and Archaea

22 years of life
519 years of life
12 thousand, 19 years of life
100 thousand years of life
3.8 billion years of life
13.8 billion years of life
as Me, as a Brazilian, as a civilization, as modern humans, as living beings,
as atoms and particles and energy and vibrations
sharing what we, the universe, are

We must learn
(and how much have we already!)
Names and maps and phylogeny
Pardon my French,
my Greek, my Latin,
my Portuguese
Human words need translation
Birds call, they call for protection

Once upon a time he lived
Once upon a time he died
He fought for us
who need red water in our veins
who need green sap running free
I hadn’t been born when he was killed
But I was there as we were alive

He had a nice moustache, I must say

In the Amazon he was born
Fighting for the Amazon he died
Side by side for centuries and decades and years and time

Chico Mendes
The CM in ICMBio

in the Book of National Heroes
in the Earth
in our hearts
in our minds
in our fight

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